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Stirology 101: Q&A What are the smallest stir bars I can buy? Specifically, ones that will fit in a semi-micro cuvette?

Micro stirring bars (also called xs stirring bars, stirring fleas, or flea bars) are the smallest stirring bars. The smallest micro stirring bar of which we are aware/carry is 2 x 2 mm.

There are several micro stirring bars that would be appropriate for a cuvette and a semi-micro cuvette. The sizes most appropriate for a cuvette (i.e., with interior dimensions of approximately 10 x 10 mm) are 2 x 5 mm, 3 x 6 mm, 2 x 7 mm, and 3 x 8 mm. The sizes most appropriate for a semi-micro cuvette (i.e., with interior dimensions of approximately 4 x 4 mm) are 2 x 2 mm or 3 x 3 mm.

Ultimately, the ‘best’ stirring bar for a given application depends on a variety of factors (i.e., vessel type, stirring volume, stirring speed, liquid viscosity at stirring temperature, unique factors, etc.). Thus, preference and selection of the ideal stirring bar is generally determined on a case-by-case basis. Sampling several appropriate sizes, shapes, and/or materials is recommended for each application.

Micro stirring bars are also available in a variety of colors for applications where color-coding is desired.

Happy Stirring!
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