• 4 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Magnetic Stirrer

    Magnetic stirrers are key pieces of lab equipment that are used in a wide range of projects. They play a critical role in agitating and mixing mediums used to conduct experiments. Stirring systems can also be quite costly, especially if you purchase reliable devices from a reputable manufacturer.  
  • Top Features of Reliable Magnetic Stirrers

    Magnetic stirring systems are a cornerstone in any laboratory. However, not all magnetic stirrers are created equal. There is a great deal of variability in this product category. 

  • What Industries Can Use Magnetic Stirrers?

    Magnetic stirrers are widely used throughout a variety of industries. They provide a simple mixing solution that can be adapted to suit diverse procedural requirements with excellent control over stirring speed and heating. 

  • 4 Perks of Submersible Stirrers

    One of the most effective and popular stirring solutions is submersible stirrers. Unlike other types of stirrers, these agitation devices can be completely submerged in a solution or liquid. Submersible stirrers remain extremely popular due to the various advantages that they provide.

  • How to Troubleshoot 3 Uncommon Errors with Magnetic Stirrers

    Spend any time in a lab, and you’ll use magnetic stirrers to mix solutions and disperse reagents. A magnetic stirring system will consist of a small stirrer bar (of varying shapes and sizes) and a magnetic base that allows users to control the speed. 

  • 5 Accessories that Your Magnetic Stirring Systems Would Benefit From

    In the laboratory setting, few tools are as useful as magnetic stirrers. While these devices are integral to your research efforts on their own, you can improve your magnetic stirring systems even further by investing in quality accessories.
  • 5 Uses of Magnetic Stirrers to Try in Your Laboratory

    In the laboratory setting, effectively and efficiently stirring liquids is essential to the outcome of a variety of types of research. If researchers employ the wrong stirring and agitation processes, the results of a particular experiment could be compromised. Researchers therefore must select the appropriate agitation device for each intended application. 

  • Spring Cleaning & Magnetic Stirring Systems: The Best Cleaning Practices for Your Stirrers

    As your lab prepares for spring, it’s important to familiarize yourself with some common best practices for cleaning your magnetic stirrers. Let’s explore why thorough cleanings are so important and then delve into proven cleaning procedures for stirring systems.

  • How to Pinpoint and Resolve Issues with Your Magnetic Stirrers

    The function of a magnetic stirrer is to use a rotating magnetic field to cause a stirrer bar that is immersed within a liquid to spin and stir. When this seemingly simple task is not going as planned, there could be a few easy solutions. 
  • 5 Ways Magnetic Stirrers Promote Efficiency

    Check out these unique advantages for more information on how magnetic stirrers can help you boost your productivity in the lab. 

  • How 2mag Laboratory Stirrers Help Make Your Lab More Eco-Friendly

    As scientists, we all understand the importance of preserving the environment — and actively look for ways to employ eco-friendly practices in our labs. Whether you’re an educator, researcher, or at-home hobbyist, 2mag’s laboratory stirrers can help you do exactly that!

  • Magnetic Stirrers & Your Thanksgiving Meal

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Of course, it might not seem like a particularly scientific holiday at first glance. But a busy kitchen on Thanksgiving morning is actually a great place to employ some lessons from the lab.