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2mag: More than Mad Science

Halloween season conjures up imagery of witches brewing up spooky concoctions, or mad scientists hard at work in the lab making monsters. Here at 2mag, of course, we know that some of the most sophisticated experiments and creations rely not on magic or mad science, but on our innovative 2mag magnetic stirrers!

In honor of the “spooky season,” take a look below to learn more about the science behind our versatile lab equipment today.

Hands-free stirring

You don’t need a spell to stir your solution hands-free, as if by magic! The key feature of our magnetic stirrers (and what makes them such an essential addition to your laboratory equipment stock) is that they operate on inductive principles. Without moving parts or erosion-susceptible material, your stirrer is able to quickly, efficiently and uniformly stir substances of varying viscosities and compositions.

It may not be a witch’s wand, but this stirrer can still solve your stirring needs with ease! Its smart, simple design helps reduce human error in stirring, while also serving to keep your lab space as clean as possible—an important aspect of the scientific method and, of course, our current concerns with COVID-19.

Unlimited lab potential (and beyond)

As you can see, the applications of hands-free magnetic stirring technology in the lab environment are abundant—limited only by your scientific curiosity and imagination! But our magnetic stirrers do not only have to be used in research labs or school settings. They can also help families and hobbyists have fun embarking upon new projects, this Halloween and all year long—such as homebrewing for a festive gathering, making your own CBD or any other project you can put your mind to. If it involves materials that need to be stirred in an efficient, controlled environment, chances are 2mag’s magnetic stirrers may be able to help.

For kids and kids-at-heart alike, our magnetic laboratory stirrers can seem a lot like magic! Order this specialized equipment for your research lab, science classroom or home brewing or kitchen projects today, or simply contact our team to learn more.

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