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5 Accessories that Your Magnetic Stirring Systems Would Benefit From

5 Accessories that Your Magnetic Stirring Systems Would Benefit From

In the laboratory setting, few tools are as useful as magnetic stirrers. While these devices are integral to your research efforts on their own, you can improve your magnetic stirring systems even further by investing in quality accessories. We have outlined 5 such magnetic stirring accessories below:

1. Stirring Bar Remover

Every laboratory should have at least a few stirring bar removers on hand. These flexible but durable devices allow you to safely remove magnetic stirring bars from your chemical solutions. Stirring bar removers are available in several lengths and feature powerful, permanent magnets.

2. Extension Cords

Extension cords are a simple magnetic stirring accessory often overlooked when purchasing supplemental items for your system. However, a few well-positioned extension cords can help you create a more flexible laboratory setting. 

Longer extension cords are particularly useful if your research facility has a limited number of outlets or extremely crowded countertops. 

3. Probe Sensor

Probe sensors are essential tools when working with heatable stirrers. Modern probe sensors allow you to closely monitor the temperature of your chemicals so that you can complete accurate research. Having access to proper sensors will help you preserve the integrity of your efforts by allowing you to precisely document all variables.

4. Mixing Rack

While your laboratory likely includes standard test tube racks, it may not feature any mixing racks. These racks can accommodate multiple test tubes and ensure that they are centered over the stirring points of your multi-stirrers. 

Mixing racks facilitate the uniform application of agitation across all samples, which will yield more accurate results. 

Top-end mixing racks can double as a test tube carrier and are manufactured from durable stainless steel. These racks feature two pronounced handles so that you can establish a stable grip.

5. Magnetic Stirrer Distributor

If you are searching for a way to facilitate the synchronized operation of multiple stirrers simultaneously, then you may want to invest in a magnetic stirrer distributor. Available in 4-fold and 8-fold variants, a distributor allows you to control operation conditions in a group of stirrers from a single control panel. 

Distributors not only increase efficiency, but they also take up less real estate on your laboratory countertops. 

Adding any one of these magnetic stirrer accessories to your laboratory arsenal can help you save time, protect the integrity of your findings, and improve the research experience. Make sure to consider them the next time you purchase lab supplies. 

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