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Back to School with 2mag

Back-to-school season is here! From virtual learning environments and physical classrooms all across the country, students are learning about science in new, engaging ways—and whatever the lesson may be, 2mag magnetic stirrers can help bring it to life.

Read on to learn more about how 2mag supports students’ learning with our modern lab equipment and contributions to education, this back-to-school season and all year long! Take a look.

Upholding the integrity of the scientific method

From elementary school to college and every age in between, students are taught the scientific method and the significance of following it in the laboratory setting. The success of the method depends on a safe, clean environment where tests can be reproduced as many times as needed to achieve a clear understanding of the results. This is where 2mag’s magnetic stirrers come in. They reduce the reliance on moving parts, as well as the risk of human error, to help school labs maintain as clean a lab environment as possible. A clean lab, of course, is a safe lab, especially during the days of COVID-19 when institutions are looking for ways to limit contact among students, teachers and the learning environment.

Make the switch from manual, moving-part stirrers to magnetic for clean, hands-free confidence you and your students can greatly benefit from.

Options for every lesson

One of the biggest benefits of 2mag magnetic stirrers is their versatility! Not only can your magnetic stirrer be used to stir a wide variety of solution types and viscosities, but you can also ask us about different options for your unique lab needs—so you always have the equipment you need for the project at hand.

Beyond the lab

Magnetic lab stirrers can be used to engage students beyond the lab, too! They can help parents and children work on projects together at home, which may be especially helpful as more children continue to learn virtually during this school year.

At 2mag, our commitment to students and their families also extends to our community outreach efforts! We are proud supporters of COVID-19 relief efforts including Feeding America and the First Responders Children Foundation, two organizations committed to providing for children and families in need. We know that when families’ most essential needs are taken care of, children can learn and excel academically, too, and we are proud to be a part of that process.   

When you shop 2mag’s selection of laboratory stirrers and other lab equipment, you are doing something great for your student lab, or even your at-home test kitchen where you and your child’s imagination can run wild! Shop or contact us today to learn more and get started.
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