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Why Your Lab Needs 2mag Magnetic Stirring Systems

Magnetic stirring is a widely employed method of stirring and mixing in liquid media that is useful for mixing components or agitating fluids to expedite reactions or improve mixtures. These systems usually consist of two basic components: a chemically inert stirrer magnet placed within the liquid and a magnetic drive located outside the vessel, typically within the housing structure of the plate. 2mag offers industry-leading stirring systems that are maintenance-free and wear-free due to our magnetic drives containing stationary coils that generate electromagnetic rotating fields, resulting in zero moving parts and zero motors. Continue reading for why your laboratory needs 2mag magnetic stirring systems to run more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Our secret is hidden away inside our magnetic drives that power each stirrer. Conventional stirrers rely on electrical motors to spin permanent magnets that in turn exert force on magnetic stirring bars within the vessel. This means that there are more moving parts that require regular maintenance and also more wear and tear on your instruments. 2mag stirring systems are unique in design and superior in function to conventional stirrers, as our systems operate on inductive principles. The stationary coils housed in most 2mag stirrers mean zero moving parts while still promising higher precision, constant speed, and an ultra-flat design.

2mag stirring systems are configured with space efficiency and one hundred percent reliability in mind. A single stirring point consists of four stationary drive coils arranged in a square configuration, meaning that each coil can be used as a driving element for up to four stirring points. This enables the establishment of a network of stirring points with the use of very few drive coils, and almost any arrangement can be realized. All stirring points operate synchronously, including the speed of rotation, ensuring perfect comparability of samples within the network which is perfect for mass screenings. Additionally, each stirrer is designed to be optimally compact, meaning that your stirring network will not occupy a lot of space.

Our wide array of magnetic stirring systems include direct-controlled and remote-controlled options that are suitable for any environment. Direct-controlled stirrers have a control panel that regulates stirring functions – such as power and speed – located directly on the front, making these optimal for applications where the stirrer will be operated in the same location as the user. Remote-controlled stirrers have a control panel located remotely on a separate control unit, making these optimal for applications where the stirrer will be operated in a different location than the user, such as the stirrer being on the ground under a heavy vessel while the control panel is located conveniently next to the user. Most remote-controlled stirrers are submersible and waterproof, meaning that they are ideal for water bath or other wet environments.

In addition to our top-notch hardware, our stirrers also come equipped with superior functionality to ensure smooth and worry-free stirring every time. One such function that comes equipped on some of our stirrers is mixWATCH, which allows stir bar monitoring with fully automatic trim of the maximum stirring speed for reliable and unattended stirrer operation. Furthermore, our stirring plates allow quick setting of the starting and maximum stirring speeds, immediate stirring stoppage, and reliable catching, centering, and safe acceleration of the stirring bar regardless of viscosity or volume.

2mag magnetic stirrers are a step ahead of the industry due to their cutting-edge innovation and design for continuous applications of all kinds; chemical, biotechnical, or medical. With their long, maintenance-free life quality, these stirring systems are sure to improve the work done at any laboratory. View our online catalog of stirring systems, control units, stir bars, and more to get started on enhancing your lab work today.

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