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Q: How can 2mag mixWATCH ensure safer operation when stirring large volumes?

A: Obtaining ideal results with a magnetic stirrer calls for a strong coupling between the stirrer and stir bar.

When combining large volumes with fast speeds, an unanticipated decoupling can lead to the stir bar hitting the sides of the vessel at high impact.

The mixWATCH function reduces the risks associated with this loss of magnetic coupling between the stirrer and stir bar.

mixWATCH provides the convenience of stir bar monitoring with fully automatic trim of the stirring speed.

If there is decoupling during acceleration, the stirrer will initiate a pause, stir bar centering, and reacceleration sequence, reducing the previously set rpm by 100 rpm increments until a stable stirring speed is achieved.

mixWATCH promotes safe stirring, including closed-vessel or unattended overnight applications.

2mag MIX 1 XL and 2mag MIXdrive 1 XL / 2mag MIXcontrol XL come equipped with mixWATCH.

Happy Stirring!