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4 Perks of Submersible Stirrers

4 Perks of Submersible Stirrers

There are plenty of options out there when it comes time to choose which stirring system to use for your experiment or project. A few examples include magnetic stirrers and large but powerful overhead stirrers.  

However, one of the most effective and popular stirring solutions is submersible stirrers. Unlike other types of stirrers, these agitation devices can be completely submerged in a solution or liquid. 

Submersible stirrers remain extremely popular due to the various advantages that they provide, including the following:

1. Easy to Use

The most obvious benefit of submersible stirrers is that they are incredibly easy to use. While general stirrers offer some basic moisture resistance, they are not designed to be completely submerged in a solution. Therefore, researchers must be cautious not to splash liquids on their stirring equipment when agitating or mixing solutions.

Since submersible stirrers are placed directly in the solution container, splashing or spilling is not a concern. Additionally, the waterproof shells of submersible stirrers make them simple to clean. This ease of cleaning means that lab personnel can spend less time prepping or cleaning up and more time focusing on their work.

2. Energy Efficient

Traditionally, laboratories consume massive amounts of energy. Labs will always need to draw some amount of electricity in order to conduct important experiments and complete projects. However, there has been a recent push in the science community to adopt more sustainable practices and reduce energy consumption.

That brings us to the second perk offered by submersible stirrers — energy efficiency. Submersible stirrers use far less electricity than some other types of stirrers, such as overhead stirring systems. 

This efficiency makes them an appealing option for labs seeking to invest in green initiatives and minimize the amount of electricity that they use. 

3. Virtually Noiseless

Ideally, laboratories should have a minimum amount of noise pollution so that personnel can focus on their work. Reducing noise pollution has other benefits as well, such as boosting collaboration between staff members and improving lab safety. 

Some stirring systems produce a relatively large amount of noise pollution. This excessive noise can be burdensome to laboratory staff and hinder their ability to communicate. Aside from that, persistent loud noise can also be downright annoying.

Submersible stirrers are nearly noiseless. As a result, lab personnel can efficiently agitate a solution while also carrying on a conversation with a coworker. They can collaborate more effectively and use their stirring system without concern that it will prevent communication between their counterparts. 

4. Able to Agitate Solids at the Bottom of a Container 

When mixing heavy compounds into a solution, settling can occur. It can be challenging to properly agitate any solid materials that have settled at the bottom of a container when using magnetic stirrers. 

However, a high-quality submersible stirrer can easily break up these solids and effectively mix them into the solution. These stirrers can accomplish this while also producing less noise and consuming less energy than more cumbersome overhead stirring systems. 

Take Advantage of Submersible Stirrers

That sums up our list of the perks of using submersible stirrers. These stirring systems will continue to be a staple in modern labs due to their versatility, energy efficiency, and ease of use. 

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