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What Industries Can Use Magnetic Stirrers?

What Industries Can Use Magnetic Stirrers?

Magnetic stirrers are widely used throughout a variety of industries. They provide a simple mixing solution that can be adapted to suit diverse procedural requirements with excellent control over stirring speed and heating. This adaptability makes them the perfect solution for industries such as:


The pharmaceutical industry is among the largest users of magnetic stirrers. This industry requires extensive precision at every step, from research to production, making magnetic stirrers invaluable in providing accurate and reproducible agitation for repeated, low-volume batches.

Magnetic stirrers also give pharmaceutical manufacturers greater control over the integrity of their products. Because only the isolated bar magnet is in contact with the solution, sanitation and sterilization are made much easier.

Producers can rely on a large number of bar magnets to facilitate changeover between batches without the need for downtime. Other mixing systems would require downtime between batches for cleaning, but the mixer drive can be used immediately by simply using a new bar magnet.


Cosmetics is another industry where the need for both precision and careful material management necessitates magnetic stirrers. Stirrers are commonplace in any heavily regulated industry where human health is a major concern.

The extensive range of cosmetic formulations requires the level of control and accuracy that only magnetic stirrers can provide. Achieving the perfect blend can be a challenging task that takes the careful application of both agitation and heating, something that magnetic stirrers are perfect for.

Every development process for cosmetics involves the creation of unique formulas and their testing while maintaining careful isolation of different formulations. Magnetic stirrers provide a workable solution for the scale at which cosmetic development takes place.

Quality Control

Quality control across many industries relies on magnetic stirring systems. From plastics manufacturing to food processing, just about every industry finds itself in need of quality control and management that requires a variety of specialized equipment. Magnetic stirrers are a go-to for these situations.

Quality control in these industries often entails testing samples from multiple batches under a tight schedule. This schedule makes other mixing systems unviable, as the cleaning between batches would be too time-consuming. With separate bar magnets, magnetic stirring systems can be used much more efficiently.

Many types of quality testing in food production and other industries focus on how products break down in water. To accomplish this kind of testing, the precise conditions of the test must be easily reproducible. Magnetic stirring systems allow for precise control of both stirring speed and temperature, two key variables in this type of testing.

The built-in heating function of many magnetic stirring systems is also key here. It allows for the temperature to be maintained throughout the entire testing process, rather than heating a sample and having the temperature reduced over time. This setup makes testing more reproducible and accurate, allowing for stricter quality standards.

Choosing the Right Magnetic Stirrers

These are just a few examples of industries where magnetic stirrers are widespread. However, the devices also see use in many more industries in specific applications. The right magnetic stirring system can provide for the unique needs of just about any process.

Magnetic stirrers are simple to use and maintain, quiet, and versatile. Just about any lab-scale mixing needs can be handled easily with magnetic stirrers. 

Mixing systems are available in various sizes for various vessels, and different models can accommodate many samples simultaneously. With such a wealth of features and variety, magnetic stirring systems have something for just about every industry.

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