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5 Ways Magnetic Stirrers Promote Efficiency

5 Ways Magnetic Stirrers Promote Efficiency

Magnetic stirrers are an excellent alternative to motorized agitators and stirrers. Your lab can improve efficiency with the right mixing technology, allowing you to move through your experiments and solution preparation much faster. Magnetic stirrers can help by minimizing: 

  • Sound
  • Cleaning time
  • Solution contamination from lubricants
  • Time required for heating and stirring

Check out these unique advantages for more information on how magnetic stirrers can help you boost your productivity in the lab. 

Silent Stirring

One reason that magnetic stirrers are so popular is that they are quiet in a laboratory setting. Whether you opt for a single-point stirrer or multiple stirrers from 2mag, you will enjoy the same low-volume operation while you work. These tools are not liable to disrupt your train of thought, letting you focus entirely on the task at hand and minimizing error and distraction. 

No Need for Isolation

You must isolate closed systems when working with mechanical agitators. Magnetic stirrers do not require this step, saving you set-up time and preventing the need to clean as many machines. 

Better Sterilization and Easier Cleaning

When you finish with a magnetic stirrer, you likely focus on thoroughly cleaning your work area. The good news is that cleaning these small machines and their stir bars is more efficient than other stirring rods. 

Their size makes them much easier to sterilize and prepare for the next experiment. The stir bars also do not require any type of lubricant, leading to a purer sample with less contamination at the end of the process. Easy cleanup allows you to get out of the lab faster and back to your routine when you finish for the day. 

No Moving Parts on a Magnetic Stirrer

Are you worried you might break some of the more complicated equipment in the lab? You can rest easy with magnetic stirrers. These tools have a relatively simple makeup that is easy to use and clean when finished. What’s more, there are no external moving parts on magnetic stirrers. The product’s simple construction makes it less likely that you will wear out or break any of the important components. 

Heat and Mix Simultaneously

If you are working with a more complicated solution, you might need to dissolve powder or need a heat transfer. One of the most efficient ways to help speed things along is using a magnetic stirrer that doubles as a hotplate. Magnetic stirrers are simple tools. They do not require a multi-step process and give you more time to work on other aspects of your experiment. Multi-tasking is always a great way to improve efficiency! 

Magnetic stirrers are a must-have item for your laboratory. These silent and simply constructed tools can make your process move much faster and with a greater degree of accuracy. If efficiency is your lab’s goal, and you’d like to improve the mixture prep process, seek to invest in a quality magnetic stirrer. 

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