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How 2mag Laboratory Stirrers Help Make Your Lab More Eco-Friendly

How 2mag Laboratory Stirrers Help Make Your Lab More Eco-Friendly

As scientists, we all understand the importance of preserving the environment — and actively look for ways to employ eco-friendly practices in our labs. Whether you’re an educator, researcher, or at-home hobbyist, 2mag’s laboratory stirrers can help you do exactly that!

Every small step toward a greener future is worth exploring, in our book. Just read on as we share a few

unexpected ways magnetic stirrers can help you reduce your carbon footprint — from the lab to the hobby workshop and beyond. Take a look.

An Efficient Way To Stir

When you think 2mag, think efficiency in every sense of the word. First, our magnetic stirrers take up less space in the lab — you can customize a network of stirring points without the need for excess drive coils. But did you know that our laboratory stirrers are also energy-efficient, too?

They consume less energy and put out minimal heat emission, making them an eco-friendly (and cost-effective) addition to any lab setup.

Efficient tools paired with other sustainable lab practices make for an ideal working environment! According to Harvard’s Green Labs Program, a few other methods you can adopt today include...

  • Maintaining an organized freezer, so you spend less time opening the door and releasing energy
  • Adding “turn me off” stickers to lab equipment to remind researchers about conserving energy
  • Purchasing sustainable lab materials whenever possible (i.e., your supply chain is green from start to finish!)

Safe Handling Of Materials

An eco-friendly lab is one that safely handles — and, when needed, disposes of — materials, especially potentially hazardous ones. Your institution can provide you with clear directions on how to do this! (Pro-tip: 2mag’s magnetic stirrers reduce the amount of equipment and people your solutions come in contact with, so it’s one less thing to worry about during lab cleanup.)

DIY Delicacies

Even outside of the lab, 2mag’s laboratory stirrers can help you make strides toward sustainability in your own personal life. Because our submersible stirrers can be used on projects of all shapes and sizes, from delicious homebrews to fermented pickles and other snacks, they make for a great, versatile addition to your craft lineup!

Purchasing beer or other fermented treats from the store comes with the common problem of packaging. For those who try to live as sustainably as possible, the nagging reminder of plastic and cardboard waste can get in the way of your total enjoyment of a delicious product — so why not ditch the waste altogether? When you opt to stir up your own homebrew or fermented creation with 2mag, you can use less materials for a just-as-refreshing (if not more so) treat.

Yes, it’s just a small step toward sustainability — but a bunch of those small steps add up to something very powerful!

Of course, these are just a few ways our magnetic stirrers help promote a clean, green environment. Get in touch with 2mag today to learn more about how our innovative solutions can serve your lab and community, too. We can’t wait to work with you.

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