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Beyond The Lab: How 2mag Magnetic Stirrers Promote Lifelong Learning

Beyond The Lab: How 2mag Magnetic Stirrers Promote Lifelong Learning

This back-to-school season, students across the globe will be learning in labs — hands-on, immersive environments where they can hone their understanding of scientific research methods. At 2mag, we are proud to play our part in that effort with the help of our magnetic stirrers, industrial stirring bars, and other devices that help streamline the scientific process in a major way.

While mixing together different liquids to create uniform solutions most naturally sounds like the work of a chemist, there are actually countless career paths that lab work with 2mag’s magnetic stirrers can inspire. In honor of back-to-school season, here are just a few fields of interest to keep in mind.


For students who are interested in the mechanics of a magnetic stirrer — a simple but revolutionary device — and how it works, the field of engineering might seem like a natural next step. This ever-growing industry does not just boast a promising job outlook (the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 10-percent growth between now and 2029), but also gives students the chance to put their lab skills to use in new, exciting ways down the line.


If you are an educator, it’s always going to be thrilling to see the way some students light up at the prospect of teaching scientific concepts to friends and fellow classmates.

Whether your student hopes to share their love of science with grade-school learners, or take their education to the next level in academia, labs equipped with 2mag magnetic stirrers provide the perfect environment for their curiosity to grow.

Computer Science

If conducting tests and experiments in the lab is all about gathering information, then computer science is all about compiling it — making sense of those scientific findings using innovative, digital technologies so that the information can be shared and reproduced across the globe. After all, that’s what the scientific method is all about! And fortunately, modern technology makes it easier than ever to work in a collaborative network of fellow scientists.


One of the potentially surprising skills that lab experience can help students discover is communication — because for every major scientific concept or lab procedure, it takes a talented communicator to get those ideas across in accessible ways. Whether through instructional materials, reports on scientific findings, or journalism geared at wider audiences, many great communicators begin their careers by asking questions and making discoveries in the lab setting.

Creative Next Steps

From possible paths of study to new, growing careers, our magnetic stirrers help promote interest in students’ next steps — but they can also inspire just-for-fun creative endeavors and hobbies, too, from homebrewing to kitchen concoctions and so much more. With the hands-free nature of our magnetic stirrers, today’s students and lifelong learners alike can pursue passions they never would have thought possible.

By equipping their labs with 2mag magnetic stirrers and other innovative devices, today’s educators can help prepare tomorrow’s scientists, communicators, and so much more. Contact us today to learn more about how our tools can serve your lab’s needs with ease.

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