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Mark The Arrival of Fall With 2mag’s Laboratory Stirrers

Mark The Arrival of Fall With 2mag’s Laboratory Stirrers

Fall is finally here! Whether you love the season for its cozy colors and flavors, or enjoy the opportunity to head back to school as a scientific educator, one thing is true for us all — there are plenty of ways to get into the seasonal spirit. Did you know that 2mag’s laboratory stirrers can play a part in your fall festivities? Just read on to see how our magnetic stirrers might be the unsung hero of the season.

Back-To-School Success

The most obvious use for 2mag’s magnetic lab stirrers is, of course, in schools and scientific environments! Here, our innovative stirrers allow you to easily stir different mixtures in a uniform, hands-free way — a clear advantage over manual stirring, where human error and other variables can lead to less-than-ideal results.

Plus, at a time when we’re more conscious than ever of socially distancing and limiting shared surfaces, it can be reassuring to your students and colleagues to have lab equipment that doesn’t require as much contact as traditional tools.

Cozy Fall Candles…

Did you know that some candle makers use magnetic stirrers to mix dyes and fragrances — all while potentially reducing air bubbles and other consequences of manual, imperfect stirring? No season brings out our collective love for cozy, scented candles quite like fall, and now is a great time to learn about how some of your favorite aromas are crafted in the lab!

… & Delicious Drinks, Too

In addition to assisting DIY candle crafters, our magnetic stirrers can also be used by homebrewers to concoct delicious beverages for the season ahead. From maple to pumpkin and so much more, there is no limit to the ways specialty flavors can enhance your brews at this time of year.

Halloween Crafts & “Mad Science”

With Halloween and the “spooky season” approaching, hobby and craft-loving families might have fun trying new experiments that blend science with seasonal fun! Our magnetic stirrers can be used to illustrate scientific concepts with festive flair — like those witches’ cauldrons from childhood costumes come to life!

From fall to winter, spring to summer, 2mag is here to help make your lab, kitchen, or home hobby workshop that much more productive. Contact us today to learn more or order your gear!

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