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Get to Know 2mag Stirring System Accessories

In addition to the cutting-edge uses of 2mag magnetic stirrers, we also offer a wide array of noteworthy accessories to expand the capabilities of your laboratory experiments. Each of our accessories are specially designed to complement our stirring systems in a variety of applications. Continue reading to get a better look at each of our items and see how they may better your laboratory.

Stand-Up Bags

Available in seven different sizes ranging from 4 oz. to 136 oz., our disposable Whirl-Pak® Stand-Up Bags are the first sterile sample bags on the market. Once filled with a sample of your choosing, the special gusseted bottom flattens out in order to stand on its own. Cost-efficient, space-saving, and shatterproof are three desirable qualities that make stand-up bags an optimal choice for sample testing. Check out more features here.

Extension Cables & Distributors

Simply put, extension cables can be added to our mix drive cables to increase their effective cord length by over twice as much. We offer extension cables that are compatible with a plethora of our mixdrive systems so that you can find the right item for your magnetic stirrers. On the other hand, distributors divide stirring power equally from a singular control unit to multiple stirring drives. Our distributors make it possible to operate two, four, six, or eight stirring drives in perfect synchronization.

Test Tube Racks

Our test tube racks provide exact centered positioning of up to 60 test tubes over stirring points. This accessory can be used with test tubes that are 16, 20, 25, and even up to 29.5 millimeters. Each 2mag test tube rack can be easily carried and transported thanks to two convenient handles. To learn some of the reasons why your laboratory needs this staple, read through our blog about the benefits of test tube racks.

Caddies, Frames, & Stands

By providing vertical positioning for mixdrive control units, our 2mag stands promise stability and space savings. Frames are the perfect accessory for when you need to expand your stirring surface for larger vessels – they add up to 500 x 500 millimeters and increase load capacity by up to 1,000 kilograms for your stirring platform. Finally, our 2mag caddy is perfect for convenient mobility of heavy vessels and containers, providing a large stirring surface for vessels up to 57 centimeters in diameter.

Temperature Sensors & Thermometers

When you need to directly control and monitor liquid temperature, our PT100 external temperature sensor and mixTHERM thermometer are the ideal accessories. These two external probe sensors can be placed safely in your mixing solutions to precisely monitor their temperature throughout your experimentation. Features of our mixTHERM thermometer include precise and fast measuring, probe failure and short circuit indicator, safety and control circuit, display background illumination, and LED control status indicator.

Bore Hole Adapters & Covers

Bore hole reducing adapters are convenient inserts that provide reduction of bore hole diameter in your 2mag stirring drybath. This makes it possible for smaller vessels to fit snugly into your drybath while still ensuring optimal heat transfer. To review the specifications and dimensions, learn more here. Our bore hole Erlenmeyer covers provide optimal heat transfer to vessel, as well. For more info regarding pricing of these two accessories, contact us.

Bath Tanks & Circulators

Laboratory circulators provide consistent and precise temperature control for experiments. Our CORIO C and CD circulators are easily operable and very quiet, in addition to offering unparalleled heating immersion and temperature control. 2mag bath tanks are sized to fit 2mag MIXdrives or other submersible stirrers underneath a fluid, with stirring position markings for exact positioning.

To review our total inventory of noteworthy stirring system accessories, take a look through every offering on our website. After selecting the best accessories for your unique needs, contact 2mag for any questions pertaining to pricing or specifications before your purchase! Much like our laboratory stirrers, each of our accessories are designed to offer unique design and unbeatable performance.

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