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5 Ways to Keep Your Laboratory Safe and Clean, Starting with 2mag Magnetic Stirrers

5 Ways to Keep Your Laboratory Safe and Clean, Starting with 2mag Magnetic Stirrers

The hazardous chemicals, heavy-duty equipment, and medical supplies often found in laboratories make them a very delicate space. Without the proper precautions and maintenance, it is easy for matters to quickly go awry and put health at risk. Before starting your next experiment, make sure to follow these five safety rules to minimize dangers to you and your team.

Follow Proper Care for Your Equipment

As all scientists know, a laboratory is filled to the brim with delicate equipment that is necessary for sample testing. If that equipment is compromised, so too is the functionality of your lab. Train yourself on how to properly care for each piece of equipment and always ask questions if you are confused. Everything needs to be handled according to its manufacturer’s specifications, even 2mag’s maintenance-free laboratory stirrers.

Wear Appropriate Lab Clothing

Closed toe shoes, safety goggles, and lab coats all play integral roles in laboratory safety. Not only do they protect our skin and eyes from harmful chemicals, but they also keep samples safe from contamination. To that end, long hair should also be tied back to keep you safe from any flammable materials.

Proceed with Caution

Many chemicals have unique instructions for safe handling so before rushing into an experiment, brush up on the chemicals that will be used and their respective safety instructions. Always wear gloves to keep your hands protected from hazardous spills and never return chemicals to the container you found them in – this will contaminate the chemicals that have not yet been exposed to the air.

Know Where Your Emergency Equipment Is

Every lab is equipped with supplies to counteract chemical emergencies or open fires, such as eye rinses and overhead sprinklers. If the experiment goes correctly, then this equipment won’t get used. However, there is always a risk of emergency. Familiarize yourself with the exact location of each piece of equipment so that you know precisely where to go in the event of an emergency.

Leave Food and Drink Outside

Food and drink have no place in the laboratory. They can easily contaminate testing samples which will produce inaccurate results and invalidate all your experimentation. Plus, drinks can spill which will create messes and slippery surfaces in the lab. When handling potentially dangerous samples, you don’t need to make the laboratory any more dangerous than it already is.

By following these simple guidelines, you are sure to enjoy a safer laboratory. Plus, emergency prevention will yield the best possible results from your experimentation. In addition to these basic safety protocols, your lab is best served by the industry’s leading magnetic stirring systems offered by 2mag. Our magnetic stirrers are compact, space-saving, designed for applications of all kinds, and motorless and noiseless – just to name a few advantages. To see more, look through our inventory and contact 2mag with any questions you may have.

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