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Get to Know the Applications of 2mag Products: Cell Cultures, Gene Work, & More

2mag stirring systems lead the industry in cutting-edge innovation and design for continuous applications of all kinds, but whether you are someone new to our products or a seasoned veteran, there are some incredible applications for these tools that you may not be aware of. It is important to know exactly what a stirrer is capable of before purchasing these systems for your laboratory. With so many models of stirrers to choose from, it may feel overwhelming, but allow us to explain some of our stirring system’s most incredible applications so you can judge if they are the right fit for your projects.

Cell and Tissue Culture

Simply put, cell culture is a tool that allows for control and manipulation of all physiochemical and physiological factors of a designated cell type. The cell of choice is first disaggregated and removed directly from its organism, or derived from an already established cell line, and then placed into an artificial and controlled environment to foster growth.

Now, the culture conditions depend on a cell-by-cell basis and though each culture must consist of a suitable vessel that supplies the necessary nutrients, there are a myriad of requirements that will vary based on your cell, such as temperature, pH level, osmotic pressure, and more. By providing your cells with the optimal conditions for growth, they will begin to reproduce indefinitely. 2mag stirrers for cell cultures and tissue cultures are designed for careful and protective mixing of cell suspensions and culture broths so that your operations do not have to compromise the lifespan of the cell.

Cancer Research

Cell culture is an incredible tool in cellular and molecular biology because it allows us to study the physiology and biochemistry of cells, as well as the effects of drugs on the cells, while avoiding the use of animal models. Thus, stirring systems can be an extremely helpful with cancer research. Cells suspended in a culture can be exposed to radiation to make them cancerous, and the cause of cancer and the altered signaling pathways can then be studied to gain a better understanding of drugs and other treatments.

Drug Screening

The toxicity of new drugs can also be observed using cell cultures within stirring systems, making 2mag products a valuable asset within the pharmaceutical industry. Primary cell culture is effective at determining the maximum permissible dosage for new drugs without testing on live models and can also be used to observe any side effects of other cosmetics and chemicals too. 2mag stirrers are the optimal systems for production of biomolecules at an industrial scale.

Vaccine Production

In the current pandemic climate, many brands have been hard at work on safe vaccines for COVID-19 – and quickly, too. Viruses cannot reproduce on their own and instead require a living host to infect before producing copies of itself, so being able to create a hospitable environment within a cell culture is obviously key for this application. Many modern vaccines are developed using cells rather than the classical method of using hens’ eggs, including those for polio, smallpox, and rotavirus.

These incredible applications are still only a mere scratch on the surface of what is possible with stirrers. With a wide range of stirring systems – from single point to multi point and small volume to large volume – 2mag has plenty of products that are not only certain to work effectively and improve the efficiency of your project, but they are also capable of more than you might know. View our online catalog of stirrers, control units, and accessories to get started on equipping yourself with every tool you might need in your line of work.

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