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Get to Know Our Products: Stirring Drybaths & Stirring Hotplates

2mag stirring systems stand out from the rest of the industry due to their design, function, and efficiency. Magnetic stirring is a widespread stirring method used throughout many industries to advance research and other practices, and 2mag products are the best option to enhance your lab work. With a wide array of stirring systems that are optimized for multiple purposes, it may feel overwhelming to peruse our online catalog and pick out what is best for your line of work. Let’s dive in together regarding some of our specific products – stirring drybaths and stirring hotplates – to learn a little more about their function and what sets them apart from the rest of our products.

Stirring Drybaths

Our drybaths are perfect for viscosity measurements, combinatorial chemistry, biological applications, chemical and waste water technology, and so much more – so let’s take a closer look into the many features that distinguish these incredibly useful products. Our inductive drives promise maintenance-free and wear-free stirring with an extremely wide speed range of 100 to 2,000 rpm. When necessary to stir at lower speeds, we guarantee that it will still work completely jerk-free, ensuring a smooth and uncompromised project.

Inside, a massive heating block made of resistant aluminum alloy provides maximum heating temperatures in excess of 200 degrees Celsius, and it is also coated with polytetrafluoroethylene for increased chemical resistance and easier cleaning. Our selection of stirring drybaths includes units with either 8 or 15 bore holes that are suitable for 250 milliliter lab flasks or 400 milliliter beaker glasses, depending on the unit. For reliable and temperature-controlled stirring of multiple beaker glasses, 2mag drybaths are the best you will find.

Stirring Hotplates

Unlike its drybath cousin, stirring hotplates feature stirring positions fixed within a flat surface that are suitable for taller beaker glasses and flasks. Featuring the same wide range of stirring speed and jerk-free stirring, hotplates are universally applicable for miscellaneous vessel sizes and shapes. No matter the viscosity of your liquids, hotplates have a higher power setting for the most viscous liquids and reduced power settings for consistent, long-term operation without any heating effects caused by the stirrer.

Much like the heating block housed within our drybaths, the stirring hotplates utilize a heating plate made of polytetrafluoroethylene-coated resistant aluminum alloy that not only increases the plate’s chemical resistance, but also makes it easier to clean. A powerful integrated electrical heater ensures a fast heating-up process and temperature is uniformly distributed across all stirring positions. We recommend our stirring hotplates for mass screenings, incubating or concentrating of probes, and evaporation of solvents.

Of course, these two products are still only a small fraction of 2mag’s entire selection. We also offer submersible, high temperature, and industrial stirrers – among others – that are all the best available in the industry. If your laboratory needs improved stirring systems, take a look through our online catalog to see more of what we offer and how it can be utilized to make your lab better than ever before. Contact us today with any questions before seamlessly placing your order.

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